Visiting Professor


  • Expert in Information Security, tenured Professor, Dean of Computer Science Department, Concordia University, Canada
  • MS in Computer Science Department, Software Engineer at the European Departments of research and development at NEC, Minor Planet and Sony.
  • MS in Computer Science Department at Oxford University. Software development engineer at Motorola, England.
  • PhD from Tokyo University of Technology, Head Professor and PhD Supervisor in charge of digital systems and communications at Tokyo University of Technology.
  • PhD in Computer Science from the University of Otago, New Zealand. Head of R&D at CES communications Ltd., Visiting Professor at Canterbury University, New Zealand.
  • PhD from University of Nancy, France. Head of Computer Science Department at University of Technology, Switzerland. Head of software engineering at Eiffel Software Company, California, U.S.
  • PhD from University of Illinois, U.S. Tenured Professor at University of Houston, U.S., Researcher in wireless communications.
  • MS from SAMAR Medical University, U.S. PhD from American Global University. Dean of International Medicine Department, U.S.. Awards for outstanding entrepreneurs from the department of returning Chinese, PR China
  • PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University, U.S., Vice-Chancellor of the University of Maryland, U.S. Professor in Information systems.
  • PhD in Biology from the University of Indiana. Head of U.S. National Science Foundation in China, East Asia and the Pacific. In charge of China, Hong Kong and Thailand cooperative projects.
  • MS in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania. Teaching VLSI at the University of Illinois.
  • BSc in Home Economics and Media, MS in Nutrition and PhD in Education from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Head of the American Union of Distance Education.