Overview of International Coorperation


Relying on its schooling advantages, the International School of Software pursues internationalization of software engineering education. The school has invited distinguished professors and experts from famous universities such as Tokyo Institute of Technology and Canadian Quebec University etc, and IT corporations such as Microsoft, IBM to give lessons or deliver academic lectures to the students. It also establishes overseas practice base in the U.S., Europe, Japan and India, and signs cooperative agreements with foreign universities such as DCU, CMU, EMU, JMU, UW-L ,CNAM, UM,etc, in the fields of introducing first-rank original text books and courses, teachers’ training, cultivating students andcollaborative research. Such international programs also provides chances to students to study abraod. The school pays much attention to practice training and cultivate students’ innovation ability. It is the first school in Wuhan University to carry out three- terms system, and cooperates with famous IT corporations such as IBM, Microsoft, Neusoft, ICSS etc to make students take part in project training. The school also builds practice bases in Beiing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and some other cities, to intensify application-oriented practice and graduation project. Many courses in International School of Software are taught in English or bilingual, and main specialty courses are introduced from Carnegie-Mellon University . The school also provides intensive English courses to improve students’ oral English.

The school also introduces certification courses e.g. DB2 and Websphere from IBM; MCSD, MCDBA and MCSE from Microsoft , OCP and DBA from Oracle, Gromidia from Intergraph, Maya from Autodesk, and CCNA, CCNP from Cisco, for students to take as elective courses reckoning in credits, so as to encourage them to be certified by the first-class software .