Software Engineering


  1. Introduction to Software Engineering
    • Software engineering is an engineering science focusing on the research of large-scale software development methods, tools and management. The key characteristic of software engineering is based on the engineering principles and methods which are used to organize and standardize the software development process. The main research contents of software engineering include software development methodology and environments, software tools and integration technology, software automation and automated testing techniques, software quality control and software reuse technology.
    • Facing the needs of the construction of national economy and development, the software engineering speciality aims at training compound, practical, internationally competitive and high-level software talents who master cutting-edge technology of software engineering domain and can engage in large-scale software project analysis, design, testing and software project management processes.
    • Guided by software engineering theory, the design and implementation of practical projects are employed in our curriculum system as a means to strengthen the engineering awareness and team collaboration capabilities of our students while making them achieve professional software development, software testing and project management skills. The combination of theory courses and practical applications is emphasized in our teaching contents, and the case studies and practical research are especially highlighted. The teaching methodologies including team learning, case analysis, field research, engineering practice and simulation training are frequently used in the teaching process. Great attentions are also paid to cultivate the research and the problem-solving ability of our students.
  2. Curriculum
    • Mathematical Modeling & Optimization, Database Principles & Applications, Object-oriented Program Design, Software Procedure Management, Software System Structure, Linux Analysis, Database & Data Studies, Software Development Model.
  3. Eductional systme and credits
      • Eductional systme:four years
      • Credits: Students require complete 155 credits