Integrated Circuit & Communication Software


  1. Introduction to Integrated Circuit & Communication Software
    • The major cultivate the talents who have good moral character and comprehensive cultural quality, with a solid mathematics, circuit, computer and communication software technology infrastructure, who will master generous professional knowledge of circuits and systems, integrated circuit design and communication software design. The students who have innovative and the practical ability to master the field and track new theories, new knowledge, new technology, with ability to engage in the field of integrated circuits and communications software technology research, design, development, application and management of senior personnel. The students will be trained by appropriate technology, IC design and communication software design and other aspects of the system knowledge. The students will have the ability of design and research in new technique and technology for circuits and systems, integrated circuit design and testing, as well as communication software design. The students will have strong engineering capabilities and skillful practical experimental skills, with the capabilities of track and the integrated circuit design technology and communication software technology in the field of new theories, new knowledge and new technology. And students can be engaged in a variety of IC design and IC applications and communication software in that field, and they can be engaged in communication software design and application of appropriate new technologies, new product research and development and management work.
    • Main courses include: circuit analysis, digital logic circuits, embedded systems and interface technology, analog electronic circuits, analog CMOS integrated circuit design, digital integrated circuit design, RF integrated circuit design, SOC system design, integrated circuit technology and layout design, integrated circuit software design, integrated circuit application system design, communication theory, communication software design, digital signal processing, microcontroller and embedded systems, etc.
  2. Curriculum
    • VLSI Design Introduction, IC Design Automation, Microelectronics Introduction, ASIC Design, SOC Design, VHDL & Verilog Languages.
  3. Eductional systme and credits
      • Eductional systme:four years
      • Credits: Students require complete 155 credits