Finance Information & Services Science


  1. Introduction to Finance Information & Services Science
    • Finance Information

      Finance focuses on the study of future, transforming human desires and visions into current assets. Finance is a key factor of national competitiveness. Leading edge Information Technologies are employed to achieve further development in finance. Interdisciplinary talents have been urgently needed.
    • ISS brings outstanding teachers and researchers together and offers the discipline of Financial Information Engineering. We aim at cultivating talents in the field. We focus on trainings in fundamental knowledge as well as problem solving skills. Students will be able to analyze, design, develop, and maintain information systems in banks, security brokerages, insurance or other financial institutions. Our students have won multiple times of national prestigious competitions like Citi Cup, Citi Financial & IT Application Competition. Our graduates have been highly sought by top corporations in China and abroad.
    • The discipline study includes both course study and project training. The course study consists of required courses, major elective courses and public elective courses, while project practice consists of basic engineering practice, advanced engineering practice and project practice. The course study includes Nature Dialectics, English, Information Retrieval, Intellectual Property, Mathematic Modeling, Specialty English, Modern Communication, Software Requirement Engineering, Modern Software Architecture, Software Process Management, Object-oriented Analysis and Design, Project Management, Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence, Advanced Database System, JAVA Programming Language, New Generation Network, Information Security Technology, Financial Information System, Financial Data Processing, Topics of Financial Innovation, Financial Risk Management and so on.
    • Services Science

      E-Service and Management is based on modern information and Internet technology, and uses intensive integration ways to provide technical supports and management services for the social or individual activities of different industries, industrials, governments, enterprises and institutions, families, individuals, and so on. According to industry categories, e-service can be divided into e-government, e-business, modern logistics, e-financial, e-medical and digital education and so on, which has essential difference compared with the traditional service form. E-Service and Management is a new arisen scientific area within in Service Science discipline, main relies on information technology and modern management ideas, under the background of modern service industry. It uses the service oriented software architecture, involves each domain of service industry, so as to promote the rapid development of modern service industry.
    • In terms of subject contents, E-Service and Management is a new comprehensive and cross discipline, which covers the areas of multi-disciplines, such as Electronic Science, Information Science, Service Science and Management Science. Along with the social personal information, public information, service information, business information, government information and management information communication increasingly being electronic, diversification and networking, social enterprises and institutions, government and public service departments face how to integrate, utilize and manage all sorts of resources more effectively, so as to improve the whole unit or department operation efficiency and service & management level.
    • In order to meet the demand of inter-disciplinary talent with software engineering technology and services science management knowledge for enterprises and government departments, E-Service and Management attaches importance to cultivating students’ abilities of software development, network application and management service comprehensive, encourages the students to become familiar with and master knowledge of software engineering development technology and management methods, network application and development, management science, service science, management information systems, e-government and e-commerce, enterprise resource management and planning, data warehouse and decision support system, information security and so on, and aims to foster capable, practical and international high-level electronic service and management talent training.
    • Subject curriculum of E-Service and Management include Software Requirements Engineering, Modern Software Architecture, Software Process Management, Project Management, Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence, Financial Information System, Advanced Database, New Generation Network, Cryptography and Information Security, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, etc.
  2. Curriculum
    • Financial Information Systems, Modern Finance, Introduction to Economics, Modern Investment.
  3. Eductional systme and credits
      • Eductional systme:four years
      • Credits: Students require complete 155 credits