Digital Art


  1. Introduction to Digital Art
    • Department of Digital Arts (DoDA), International School of Software, Wuhan University, was founded in 2006, promoted from Digital Arts Center previously named. DoDA is designed to mold students potential creativity and artistic skills as it readies them for an ever-changing industry where trends come and go and competition is steadily increasing. Not only does DoDA provide opportunities for students to practice their skills in artistic fields, but encourages them to combine those skills with computer-based engineering applications, such as E-commercial, web-based services, and computer game development, etc., highlighting inter-disciplinary features it has been standing on. DoDA offers a degree chain for its students, from Bachelor of Software Engineering in Digital Media Technology, Master of Software Engineering in Digital Media Arts, to Doctor degree in Digital Media. Its the ambition of DoDA to guide its students with expert instruction, technologies, and concepts; career training and planning; and an environment that cultivates free-thinking and innovation combining computer technology and artistic means.
    • Our courses cover modern theoretical concepts with advanced technologies for different levels students pursue. Courses for postgraduate students integrate aesthetics thinking with digital technologies, including Art Theory Introduction, Software Project Management, Game Planning and Architecture, Character Modelling, Concept Design and Creativity, Script Writing, Video and Film Arts, 3D Modelling and Rendering, etc. All courses are well organized to train students from theoretical understanding to practical creative skills, making them to meet the needs of IT era and modern industry.
    • DoDA is armed with advanced hardware and cutting-edge software. Our department is sponsored by world famous firms such as Microsoft, Apple, AutoDesk, IBM, etc. and is a authorized base of Apple Final Cut Pro, AutoDesk Maya, and Oracle DBMS. DoDA also sets up some fundamental laboratories for cartoon making, video after-effect processing, and game developing. A new laboratory for Motion Capture and Virtual Augmented Reality is coming to open soon. In particular, we posses a unique Apple Studio in Wuhan University, where Macintosh workstations, servers, and flat devices are equipped, and students utilize Apples family products to achieve various goals, from graphic design, 3D modelling, movie special effect making, to mac-based game developing. With the help of those facilities, our students outstood from others in some world-wide competitions, for example, a silver metal winner group in “Dare to be Digital” game competition, 2007 and 2008 respectively, hosted by University of Abertay Dundee and Dundee City Council, two third-class winner groups in “2011 College Students Mac Development Competition” hosted by Apple China.
  2. Curriculum
    • Planar Design, Movie Photography, Business Illustration, Cartoon Design, Game Frame Design, Mobile Game Development.
  3. Eductional systme and credits
      • Eductional systme:four years
      • Credits: Students require complete 155 credits